All I remember thinking was “It’s only 8 weeks, how hard can it be.”

I have just completed my 5th boot camp; that’s almost 40 weeks of pain, exhaustion, happiness, sweat and smiles and I am well and truly hooked.

Before I began Quest boot camps I had no idea what ‘healthy, happy and fit’ truly meant. I never cared about what I ate or how much I exercised, but I decided I was never going to gain my self-confidence and feel good about myself if I didn’t give it a go.

Since suffering from glandular fever and chronic fatigue I never really knew if it was possible to be fit and healthy again. The boot camps are intense and to begin with I was wondering what I was getting myself into. That thought soon passed. Within the first week or so of my very first Quest boot camp with the help and support of personal trainers Rob and Nate my lifestyle and outlook on exercise soon changed for the better.

The boot camps are great. The sessions are always different and challenging. They range from cardio workouts, tabata, team challenges, weight and upper body training (which sort of felt like we were in the army) which included exercises with weight bags, ropes, kettle bells etc. They all get you sweating!!

I have gained so much knowledge from the boot camps and am so keen to keep learning more. I would recommend Quest boot camp to anyone who either wants to shed a few kilos or just keep fit. Rob and Nate cater for all needs and are always so encouraging and supportive.



I started the first 8 week challenge 4 months out from my wedding, Nathan and Rob made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped in. Not knowing what to expect, they helped me lose weight and tone up before my big day. Along with that came confidence, people began to notice that I was glowing. By the time the wedding came along we were into our second 8 week challenge and have loved every minute. I’ve had a big problem with my arms, no matter what I did at the gym nothing would work and friends and family are now telling me how toned they looked when I was standing at the altar, this was a massive boost for me. I can not thank the guys enough for putting in the time to each individual person, even though it’s group exercise they are there for you 100%.

~ Paige


Rob and Nate are two of the best personal trainers in Geelong. They complement each other beautifully and design sessions that are different, fast paced and challenging for YOU. After having my second baby I’ve slowly built up my fitness with unconditional support and encouragement from the boys. They’ve catered for my individual needs by modifying exercises in almost every session to ensure I’m getting the most out of it! I’m now back to my pre baby self and couldn’t feel better. These boys are the best!!!

~ Laura